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"We received the new visual image from UNTITLED featuring Amuro-chan in a cool summer white style."
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The Singles Collection: Body Feels EXIT

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[8:03 PMIt was stretching them out.. RT @kppyuyu: @pamyurin Your socks~ (top)
[8:04 PMIt bit my hair.. RT @tenyu0526: @pamyurin Kyary-chan’s on Shimura Zoo! You’re all cute o(^▽^)o (bottom)

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I wonder how she hides her child. As anyone ever seen the kid or have the paparazzi already taken a photo of it? Are they even allowed to show its face tho?

Yep! Last knon photos taken of him was the last time she was in Hong Kong on tour for the Best Fiction tour. 



These photos are VERY rare because as soon as they hit stands the story was pulled because she sued the publication for a quarter million dollars. As you can see they aren’t even very good photos of them just on a shopping trip and she ended up winning. So basically no known japanese star gets photographed in Hong Kong anymore without permission.

At this point she has made it VERY clear that Haruto is NOT to be taken pictures of. I think the only other photo of him is of Namie like clutching him getting out of a car I think right after he was born. Its black and white as well.

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Perfume FES!! 2014

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Cut of Kyary’s performance of “Family Party” on Music Station!

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[3:15 PMI’m performing my new song “Family Party” for the first time on TV today on MS! The dance is hard… I’ll do my best
[7:25 PMI’ll be on MS at 8 PM! Watch! it! okay?!
[7:29 PM] OuO (top)
[9:09 PM
I’ll be here next week too! (bottom left)
[9:11 PM] two shot (bottom right)

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Kyary à “Halloween Pumpkin parade" qui s’est déroulé à Harajuku Omotesando le 28 octobre 2012.

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