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Perfume’s Hiroshima Guidebook 「泣ける!広島県」 · insp

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Koda Gumi World

Agora o Koda Gumi foi aberto para os fãs do mundo todo, agora você pode se cadastrar e receber todos os produtos que os fãs japoneses tem, não perca essa chance e faça seu cadastro:

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Bon Voyage Tour Taiwan!

Parece que vai ter um outro grande final na tour de Kumi!

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu photographed by Kasai Chikashi for ROCK’IN ON JAPAN 08/2013

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*watches anaconda video*

me: *does 100 squats*

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ANTM cycle 21 premiere recap: "21 Hump Street" →



Welcome to the 21st cycle of America’s Next Top Model! The show that has inevitably started many drinking games is now old enough to do it on its own. Tyra promises that this “fierce cycle full of tooching smizers” (that’s three and a half shot if you’re keeping track) will be the luckiest…


at Romeo dubbed Othello and Hamlet

is the show in HD yet tho? not just on n HD channel but in 4:3 aspect ratio

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patiently waiting for namie amuro’s new tour cuz the bitch is gonna SLAY but I hope she will have better outfits

Seconded. FEEL tour was pretty great but those costumes, man.

Were the really that baddd?? I was basically the only one that liked all of them *a wave of shame runs though me* Im so excited to hear sweet kisses and still loving you (at least i think she will be performing them or at least one of them)

Hey man, nothing wrong with liking what you like. I think PLAY had some cool costumes, but lots of people think those were hideous. -shrugs-

I just want to hear sweet kisses—it sounds like it’ll be delightfully stupid, like hot girls. Still loving you is pretty boring, at least from that tiny snippet we heard.


Oh dude I actually liked most of the Play tour’s costumes too. I don’t understand people dont rip on her enough for recycling that god awful tan tattered layer two piece dress that she wore twice on two diff tours just in different colors. But totallyyyy instantly they go to the feel tour or the play tour lol. Play Tour didn’t have greeat costumes but I hated the dress she was wearing (when she sang ningyou) but it was instantly better when she revealed the pants.

I think the only costume on feel that I really would make a change on is the silver one on the last act of the main show those pants don’t work with the top at all. I feel like thy are both good pieces just not together.

Totally agree about sweet kisses. It sounds just like so much fun though. Sorta reminds me of that toni basil song? Like it reminds me of some cheers cheerleaders do at my old high school. I’m gonna get my Pom poms out for that part of the show.

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Namie Amuro Concentration 20 Live in Tokyo Dome

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Namie on the cover of Precious Beauty


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Namie on the cover of Spring magazine (Sept. 2013)


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Butterfly being performed on the Bon Voyage tour in taiwan.

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Show Me Your Holla live on the Bon Voyage tour in Taiwan.

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Winner Girls performance footage on the Bon Voyage tour in Taiwan.

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News footage of Kuu performing Rock Your Body on the Bon Voyage tour in Taiwan.